Monday, May 12, 2008

Surprises of the heart

It's scary to know that at any moment your perception of things can be changed or altered.

After hearing a story your opinion of someone can change....

After an argument your point of view can change... a moments notice nothing is concrete (except Jesus of course)

Even when someone steps into or out of your life your view can be shook to its very core

How is that possible? How can you whole heartily believe and know something to be true and by the act of "a simple thing" everything can be changed.
Something so simple as to a scent, a conversation, or even a picture.
These things can fool your mind to believe something that you know in your heart not to be true.
Like love...

How can thoughts appear one day, and I believe one thing, and then the next day when those same thoughts reappear..I conclude a different belief.

That doesn't make sense to me. Are my beliefs so unstable that I allow them to be altered with these "simple acts". Or am I missing something here. Am I missing love...real love. Combined with Truth and all of its beauty.
Have I still not gotten it? Have I still not found it?

Can true love really be shaken, and if it it then true love at all.

Why is the only emotion or concept I can not define... "Love"?
The questions, the fear of missing it...the one thing I've been searching for my whole the one thing I have no answers too.

Why do I have all the questions and no answers?

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