Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When the heart goes pitter patter

Lately I have been thinking a lot about love. The most beautiful..exciting..scary thing God ever created.

I have been wondering where people have I missed it...what are they lacking when it comes to the past loves' of their life. I think I have figured it out...the pitter patter.

The pitter patter...when the heart actually skips a beat..when there are butterflies in the stomach every time you see your love. During the hard times...the sad times...and the broken times...the pitter patter helps in keeping the happiness alive. Its the moment you look forward to everyday...the moment you can't wait to wake up to...and its the moment that makes it hard to sleep because you don't want to miss a second of it.

The pitter beautiful. It's exciting, and adventurous..and at the same time scary. But its worth the fear because that emotion...that like a drug. And the second you taste it, you never want to put it down. Even if that moment never returns again, you'll always live remembering what that felt like, and hoping that one day it will return.

The journey back to the pitter patter makes life a treasure hunt, that even though you move forward with your life, you still keep one eye open...just in case. Always being ready for that moment to meet it again. This hunt is what keeps you hoping for true love. A love so pure that the pitter patter is ever consuming...and constantly remarkable.

I have met people who experience the pitter patter even though it does not exist for their love. This is the tricky thing. In order for true love to survive the pitter patter has to exist for both people.

So my dear friends...move forward to the your love...and experience the beauty God designed...the pitter patter...

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