Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm not doing too bad after all...

I give myself so much crap for not always being on my "A' game, or not being "good" enough...which I know is bad in itself. But these days, I don't think I am doing too bad, I am actually pretty proud of myself.

This summer I have learned the strength base approach to counseling my clients. I am now considering using this approach in my own life and when I do, I don't look at my life with the same lenses I do from day to day.

When I use the strength base approach I think...

1). It's a great thing that I am looking inward to figure out what I really want for my life. Most people are too scared to really ask themselves the "hard" questions.

2). I am so glad that I am not settling for only what is easy for me.

3). I think that its awesome that I have been able to keep my heart focused on my dreams, and that they have never swayed or really changed. At the end of the day, Love is still at the core of everything I want to do.

4). I think its great that I still have a passion for life. Even after all the damn bumps in the road, I still want to live life to its fullest (as cheesey as that sounds). Nothing has brought me down too far down. I love life!! I really do, and I want my life to be full of joy, adventure, and most importantly love.

5). I am constantly changing and I love that. I am never willing to settle with myself, I always want to be the best (maybe too much). I want to be the woman God has created me to be, so that means that I won't ever be "okay". That I need to be constantly growing and I'm so glad that I am aware of that!

The strength base approach is difficult, especially when things aren't great. But its extremely necessary! It's great to want to conquer the weaknesses, but its crucial to also acknowledge the great accomplishments!

These are the great moments that create endurance. Strength will only get you in the race, but endurance will make you the winner.

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