Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Power of Miss Destiny

The theory that everything happens for a reason has been shared through what I can only be decades. It's almost like we have used it for our own personal gain or even fix to our mistakes. If we fail to show up for a friend, we tell ourselves..."guess it was meant to be this way"
If we forget a very important occasion, again we tell ourselves "then it wasn't meant to be".
Can we do this? Can we label every opportunity that we have missed, with this one phrase. Maybe it was meant to be, but we just screwed up.
Destiny is what has already been created before our existence. The pre-lined experiences that we were created to be a part of. What about if we miss them? Do these "predestined" moments affect us..affect our character..our inner most being. And once we miss these moments, do we miss the change..the greatness they would have brought?

If destiny exist and we miss we ultimately miss the chance of becoming our true self. I feel like I have missed "Miss Destiny" quite a few times in life. I know I have missed out on great opportunities because I chose to stand her up. All dressed up, and waiting on me. Nothing difficult about it. Nothing pressuring about about. I just needed to pick her up, and choose her over my selfishness..and my loneliness.

What we do today ultimately changes and affects who we are tomorrow. So dear friends..I beg you to show up in the face of fear, and grab a hold of your destiny. For she is waiting on you, she is waiting on all of us. And the possible moment of fear that you would experience when you choose destiny, is nothing compared to the regret of letting her wait and pass you by.

For this is the beauty of life. You may not get second chance.
So live today as though its your last too...
and Live Life.

Choose Your Destiny Today.

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